Our Bali Furniture Inspiration

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Where it all started

We are Lisa and Danny, the husband and wife team behind Punkitup. We have 2 wonderful children, and as a family we spend a lot of our time in the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. It was during our latest visit that we came across Fiscal, a talented woodsman. After meeting Fiscal in his workshop, alongside his 6 equally creative brothers, we were able to see what a credit to his craft he was. It was then we told him about our business in creating Bali inspired furniture using natural materials, and we excitedly agreed that we would work together.

Bali furniture

Between ourselves and Fiscal, we began to brainstorm unique and creative ideas we had for Bali furniture pieces. Being on the stunning island of Bali made it very easy for inspiration to flow, as wherever you looked you were sure to see some form of colourful artwork, stunning colour-coated wooden boats and so much more. One of our greatest and most memorable pieces that we first created was the thirteen drawer Bali inspired drawers (see left). For this we worked with Fiscal as he designed the drawers, and we then created the artwork for the piece to give it the vintage look you can see.

This piece truly sparked our passion and excitement for our business dreams, and opened the door to so many more ideas that we wanted to put into action. These ranged from Bali garden furniture pieces such as benches and seating made from recycled boat wood, to wall hanging mirrors made out of pieces of old oil drums.

Bali furniture in our workshop

This was our theme, our niche. We love Bali so much, the culture, the people, and the architecture were all so inspiring. However just creating furniture that “looked like” Bali furniture wasn’t enough to do it justice, and this is why we decided to re-use natural materials. Our hand-made wood pieces are all made from reclaimed materials such as teak from old Balinese fishing boats, which bare the authentic finish and colouring of their original design and use, making the designs we created that much more unique.

Other reclaimed recycled materials used by the local Bali craftsmen and artisans are locally sourced oil drum metals, copper, blown glass, sugar wood, as well as natural weaving materials. The appeal of this being that not only would these materials show off their own raw beauty, but our creations would also be environmentally friendly with our Balinese woodsmen being so resourceful.

What we want from our artistic designs is to create furniture for home, garden, or work spaces that is truly unique and eye catching. There are so many boring monochrome designs for tables, chairs, cupboards, and drawers in this modern world, that we’re losing the beauty of colour in our lives. Our dream for our furniture is create vintage pieces that people will never grow tired of. Furniture that will have guests to your home commenting on how well it suits your home, and how vibrant the colours are. We ourselves have filled out our home with several of our pieces of Bali furniture already. It is our way of keeping the beautiful Balinese culture and lifestyle with us while we are back in the UK.

Where we are now with our Bali Furniture designs

Bali boat used for our furniture

We’re so glad that so many people have been able to appreciate our creations already. Being from artistry and carpentry backgrounds already, we knew that this business was the perfect opportunity for us to do something we love, and create something that other people will love too. Each piece brings us, and the talented Fiscal such joy to create. We also enjoy receiving requests for bespoke pieces of furniture. We’re fortunate enough that in working with Fiscal we’re able to clearly outline what we want to create with it being understood with ease. This means we’re constantly creating or being suggested new ideas, and we hope that our list of products will continue to grow as our minds continue to grow and open up to new designs and inspirations.

vintage bali boat seat

We are fortunate enough to have our own showroom in London, in which we can display our pieces of Bali Furniture to be viewed by the public eye. It is here that we bring back the beautifully crafted furniture when we return from Bali. If you’re ever in the area of our showroom, please let us know as we’d love to show off some of our designs in person.

The pictures on our website look great, but the imagery of our creations is only one aspect of our work. It’s also the feel of our furniture that sets it apart, the texture of our furniture gives you a real appreciation for the natural materials that were used. When you’re close to our pieces and seeing them in person, you realise just how much work has gone into creating each individual piece.

Get in touch

If you have any ideas of Balinese style furniture you’d like to see us create, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your designs. We find that the vast amount of materials available to us allows us to become very expansive with how creative our designs can be. Some of our favourite pieces may have seemed a little too difficult to create at first, but we’ve even surprised ourselves. These pieces include a tall oil drum wardrobe, wine racks made from old boat wood, the unique harp chair, and the beautifully crafted table below.

Bali Table with Seats